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Has anyone use this restsurant to cater a event and they delivered the food?

I think they do.vary good food.

Are the veggies fresh not a can?


Do you serve over 300people at a time?

It's a small place

Do they sell seafood here??

They have fried fish on the menu

do they have anything gluten free?

I don't know but I enjoy what I had. I enjoy myself.

Is the blue plate special, fried chicken ect.. all day?

yeah it's a list of different meats you can choose from for your blue plate special but it is all day

how much is apork chop dinner

About 10 bucks. Comes with 3 sides and cornbread.

Is the greens cook in pork?

They were big leafy greens didn't see any pork but they were the best I had in a long time wish I was there now

did they burn down


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